Humanitarian Development

One of the core beliefs of HOPE’S IN is that serving others creates a lifetime of purpose.

Each generation has a chance to leave the world a little better than when they were born into it. We believe that we can raise a generation of compassionate and bold leaders through giving to others.

HOPE’S IN invests in the next generation of humanitarian leaders through our Service Learning Exchange programs to Guatemala, our HOPE’S INternship program and through the Hope’s In Academy. Each program uniquely gives students access to tools that will change the world and mentorship from our board. 

HOPE’S IN is dedicated to impacting and empowering the Guatemala City garbage dump communities and developing the next generation of humanitarian leaders.


The Hope’s in Academy is proudly sponsored by the



The Hope’s In Academy is a humanitarian leadership development program run in a local public school. The program is instructed by our Executive Director, Courtney McGovern. The mission of the program is to empower students with the skills and confidence to make an impact. 

Throughout the program students learn about nonprofit organization management, social advocacy, and even complete a service project as a team. 

Help Us Bring Hope to Families in Guatemala City