Though we were just Juniors in high school when the organization started, our lives have been truly impacted and purpose-driven from the start. Each day we are reminded just how big of a blessing it is to come alongside and love people both within our local community and internationally. We believe that this is just the beginning of the story of hope that we are so lucky to help write. Guatemala has not only our hearts, but the hearts, prayers and thoughts of many from our hometown and others from around the U.S.

HOPE’S IN is dedicated to impacting and empowering the Guatemala City garbage dump communities and developing the next generation of humanitarian leaders.

Our impact in Guatemala City is focused on projects and partnerships that defend the rights to shelter, health and education. We do projects such as building homes, hosting medical clinics, trainings for special educators in Guatemala, and running a community group for teen mothers in Guatemala City. These projects are done through the partnership of various Guatemalan organizations as we beleive empowering the local leadership is really important.

The focus of developing the next generation of humanitarian leaders stems from our belief that service gives people an opportunity for a more purposeful life, a way to discover personal talents and passions, and allows people to act with empathy. We have these beliefs because we have led over 475 volunteers on various trips to Guatemala City and have seen their lives and perspectives altered.  HOPE’S IN encourages each volunteer to find what we call “the intersection” of personal talents (or passions) and compassion in their lives. This powerful interaction means taking what they are passionate about and matching it with something in the world they want to change.

Each day, HOPE’S IN builds into student leaders and brings them into the overall leadership of the organization. We want to encourage young leaders to use their talents and lives for a purpose and for others. 


Ashley Quigley and Courtney McGovern