Board Member DR. ALEX

Dr. Alex Kim

Dr. Kim is an otolaryngologist or ENT for short and has been practicing for the past 17 years. Dr. Kim has been on the HOPE’S IN Medical Committee for the last two years and recently accepted a position as a board member for HOPE’S IN in late 2019.

Dr. Kim initially heard about HOPE’S IN at a medical staff meeting for Northwestern Hospital Huntley. Dr. Dale Coy, the founder of the medical program, gave a brief but stirring presentation about HOPE’S IN and what they were doing in Guatemala. From there, he planted the seeds of possibly going on a short trip to build houses and help people in need to his two older children. This led to the family’s first trip to Guatemala in 2018. The Kim’s continue to be involved with HOPE’S IN and were it not for the Covid pandemic, they would be preparing to go on their third trip.

Dr. Kim says: “HOPE’S IN has been a fantastic experience, a journey into what each and every one of us can do when we want to be selfless and help those that are sick, poor, forgotten, and homeless. It’s allowed me to share these experiences and moments with my older children. I’ve always prayed that my children would see what people less fortunate live through on a daily basis and then experience what an impact they can make in the lives of others by being selfless with their time, energy, and faith.”

When asked about one of his favorite memories, Dr. Kim said: “I found that I love to face paint. During the celebration day for the sponsor families, the Potters House staff set up drawing, fingernail painting, musical chairs and face painting stations. That’s where I discovered my enjoyment of face painting with the children at Potters House’s tutoring program.”