Lindsay Romolo

Lindsay Romolo is currently a registered nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge. Romolo serves on the Medical Committee and is a Child Sponsor of two children, one that she and her family sponsor and another child that she alone sponsors! Lindsay got involved in the summer of 2016 when her Dad shared about the trip after hearing about it from other physicians he worked with and decided to try it out. Romolo says: “I am involved with Hope’s In because I feel that it is an incredible organization that is determines to truly empower the lives of others. The Hope’s In team pours their heart into each and every thing that they do and genuinely want to make a difference. They put their all into everything they do and everyone that they strive to help and empower, whether it’s medical, home building, working with teenage moms, helping to create a business for women in the community, or giving grants to organizations in need. They have been able to focus on and help so many underserved communities in Guatemala and I am so lucky to have been able to be along for the ride to see the impact that they have had!”

Romolo’s forever favorite part of being in Guatemala is when the homes get handed over to the families. She shares that it is such a special moment to see and knowing that you get to be a part of such a big day for the families is incredible. She also loves meeting the people who live within the community and forming relationships with them. Romolo says that they are all such kind and welcoming people and the kids are so much fun to play with!