Humanitarian Development MITCHELL

Mitchell Stathakis

Mitchell Stathakis is an Account Executive at American Eagle Packaging, headquartered in Elgin, IL. He serves as a Hope’s Intern mentor and serves on the Humanitarian Development Committee. 


When asked how he got involved, Mitchell said: “My Mom & Sister have been involved with Hope’s In since it’s founding. Personally, I became involved through the Hope’s In Style fashion show in 2013 and went on the first trip to Guatemala that Summer. I remained involved through my years at Barrington High School, participating in several events with Hope’s In, going on three more mission trips, and leading some smaller events myself through the Interact Club at BHS.”


Since graduating from the University of Michigan, Mitchell had been looking to become more involved once again with Hope’s In. He said: “Their mission to empower the Guatemala city garbage dump communities and develop the next generation of humanitarian leaders is inspiring and contagious. I am involved because I believe in this mission and am excited for what is to come for all those serving. The board members, leaders, and volunteers are amazing human beings and I always enjoy meeting more friendly faces.” 

Mitchell’s favorite memories with HOPE’S IN are playing soccer with the children in Guatemala and making up basketball trick shots with other volunteers when they would go back to the hotel each night!