President JIM

Jim Quigley

Jim Quigley is the Founder and CEO of Barrington Wealth Management. Quigley is President of the Hope’s In Board, a consistent financial contributor, a sponsor to Cristian, a boy in Guatemala, and a friend to his children’s sponsor children.

Quigley’s roots with Hope’s In go back to before its inception when his family took an unexpected service trip to Guatemala in 2006 to build a playground at an orphanage. It was the first time for all of his family, and they did it as a family together. The Quigley’s fell in love with service and went annually, always inviting friends. Hope’s In developed from there and focused our service efforts to Zone 3.

When asked why he is involved with Hope’s In Quigley stated: “Two reasons. The first is to encourage the ripple effect of someone taking their first trip to serve overseas. That experience transformed my life and my family forever. So from the beginning I wanted others to have this experience to enhance their life and to be inspired to help others. Second, poverty is complex and it is my lifelong goal to learn more and have as big an impact as possible to support real change in Guatemala where people have so much stacked against them. The joy and challenge associated with my involvement with Hope’s In is a driving force in my life.”

Quigley shared his favorite memory was: “In 2018 we had a special dinner in Guatemala inviting the 40 families we have built homes with to attend a celebration. I think almost every family attended. It was amazing to see them and to be remembered by them as well. It brought to perspective, as we filled the gymnasium with people and dozens of tables over two separate evenings, that we are impacting many people in a very personal and impactful way. Although Hope’s In is expanding to additional broader programs, home building is an important program that we love and believe in. These families would likely never otherwise afford a secure and safe home.”